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ComplianceNet offers a comprehensive selection of online business compliance training programs, each designed to assist with compliance in one particular area of law where significant risks are likely to arise.

Whether it's Privacy or WHS concerns, Fraud, Corruption or Bribery Awareness, Discrimination and Harassment issues or business conduct as covered by the Competition and Consumer Act, you need to ensure that your people understand the principles involved and can apply that knowledge effectively.

ComplianceNet courses are authored by leading lawyers from Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers and with a robust training administration and reporting processes in place it's easy to see why many of Australia's leading companies and organisations trust ComplianceNet for corporate compliance training.

Competition & Consumer Law

Compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act is critical for every Australian business. Millions of dollars in penalties can be imposed for breaches by the ACCC.

Knowledge of the key principles underlying competition laws is essential. This Competition Law training course has been designed to enhance employee skills and protect your organisation against legal risk.

Work Health & Safety Awareness NEW COURSE

Safety in the workplace is a vital issue for every business. This program will help employees understand their duties under WHS laws.

Practical examples, case studies and activities demonstrate how to identify and address health and safety risks and hazards, and what to do in the event of a workplace accident, and where to get further information and support on WHS issues.

Chain of Responsibility NEW COURSE

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, everyone in the transport supply chain has a legal obligation to ensure breaches of road transport laws do not occur. This is called the 'Chain of Responsibility'.

Chain of Responsibility training or CoR training is essential for employees with control over any heavy vehicle transport task.

This CoR training course is for operators, owners, managers, schedulers, brokers and freight forwarders, loaders, packers and drivers. It will provide you and your team with a firm understanding of everyone's responsibilities under the Chain of Responsibility, and the knowledge required to prevent breaches of mass, dimension, loading, speed and fatigue laws from occurring.

This Chain of Responsibility Awareness course is an introduction to Chain of Responsibility regulation and certification and a necessary step toward transport supply chain & logistics compliance.

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Our Induction Training Course template has been designed to facilitate the conversion of existing manual procedures, PowerPoint, Word and PDF documents into an effective online program, quickly and cost effectively.

Induction has been developed in HTML5 ensuring your Induction Program will be usable across desktop and mobile devices, it features intuitive site navigation, access to resources, glossary, sitemap and help and there's a content map to show every page a use has have visited.

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Using Social Media NEW COURSE

The use of social media and social networking tools in the workplace present a raft of new opportunities, challenges and risks for your business and its employees.

This course will provide employees with a clear understanding of what is considered acceptable use of Social Media in the workplace, and guidance on how to deal with the issues that may arise in high risk areas such as harassment, bullying, defamation and privacy.

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Professional Workplace Behaviour

This Professional Workplace Behaviour training program explains how anti-discrimination laws impact all employees, it sets out what the laws say about harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace. This EEO training program includes many animated and interactive scenarios to demonstrate how these laws apply in practice.


Australia's privacy laws and APP's are intended to protect consumers from unwanted intrusion into their private lives and to ensure personal information is dealt with fairly.

This online Privacy training course is a must do for any employee who has exposure to personal or sensitive information.

Fraud & Corruption Awareness

Minimising fraud and corruption requires vigilance and diligence. It is important for all staff to be aware of the warning signs and know how to react when fraud occurs. It is equally important to recognise where opportunities for fraud, corruption and bribery exist in the workplace and to eliminate these possibilities quickly.

This Fraud and Corruption Awareness training course is an essential first step in meeting the challenge that fraudulent behaviour in the workplace poses.

The Networked Workplace

Use of the Internet and email can present problems for any business. Employees need to know how to avoid legal issues such as defamation, breaches of privacy and accessing illegal content.

Smart Contracting

Contracts are a fundamental part of business relationships. Managing the contracting process is an essential business precaution.

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Policy Manager

Businesses are required to communicate an extensive, and ever growing number of policies and procedures to employees. Manually managing this task is demanding and time consuming for any HR department, legal department or compliance manager. Imagine being able track which employees have been given access to what policies and see who has acknowledged acceptance of those policies at a glance; and being able to demonstrate compliance and best practice to Senior Management or Regulators easily and at any time.

ComplianceNet's Policy Manager makes this arduous and time consuming process quick and eļ¬ƒcient to manage without the need to handle or file a single document.

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