Responsive interface

Developed in HTML5, ComplianceNet online compliance training programs feature a 'dynamic and responsive interface' ensuring that our compliance training course content is adaptable and usable across desktop and mobile devices.

User-centred learning

ComplianceNet online courses have been designed to make corporate compliance training easy to use and understand. Our training programs use:

  • Animated/interactive scenarios with audio to illustrate key legal concepts
  • Key points provide a snap shot of all important compliance topics
  • Glossary links provide quick access to detailed explanations and technical terms
  • Case studies and quick quiz questions to test knowledge retention
  • Danger zones and other content highlight devices emphasise key training concepts.

Intuitive site navigation

  • One click access to content pages, resources, glossary, site map and help
  • Multiple navigation options
  • Site map shows every page visited.

Assessment tasks

Each program features randomised assessment questions, an optional practice test and formative activities and quizzes provide users instant feedback on their understanding of the program content.

Competition & Consumer Law versions

Course modules can be selected for specific target groups within your organisation so that your users receive only training content that is relevant to them.

Content customisation

All programs can be used in their generic form or you may use our standard content to develop tailored programs to meet your specific situation. Company specific details, logos and policy documents may be added to all generic programs.

LMS deployment

ComplianceNet programs can be deployed via your organistation's LMS by utilising AICC standards.

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