About this course

The content for A Networked Workplace has been developed to cover the legal and managerial aspects of employee use of the Internet, including the employee's and the company's rights and responsibilities. Topics include:

  • Basic guidelines for using the Internet
  • Illegal actions and content
  • Intellectual Property
  • Consumer protection
  • Privacy and marketing
  • Computer security
  • Dealing with government data.

Issues surrounding an employers' right to monitor, addressing and removing email, using resources wisely and how to deal with Commonwealth Government Data are also covered.

Program content

This program features:

  • Colourful illustrations and easy to follow infographics
  • Glossary links provide quick access to detailed explanations and technical terms
  • Case Studies, Take Note and Dos and Don'ts content highlight devices emphasise key concepts.

Sneak Peek

Social networking

The Internet offers many ways to communicate. The most common form of business communication is still email, but other tools can include instant messaging or live chat, telephony and video calling, social networking (such as LinkedIn and Facebook), as well as public short messaging (Twitter), photograph sharing (Instagram, Snapchat), video sharing, message boards and news groups.

These services vary greatly in the amount of privacy and security they offer. Generally there are approved channels for communication used in our company, and you should be aware of and use these methods wherever possible.

Take note

Email is not secret; it is generally not encrypted and can be read by anyone who comes in contact with it, and can be intercepted by third parties.

Content customisation

All programs may be customised to meet any specific requirements you may have. We offer many customisations as standard, these include:

  • The inclusion of company contacts into the training content. e.g. Legal, Privacy Officer or HR contacts
  • Inserting relevant company policies in to the content and the option to include an 'I have read...' acknowledgement checkbox
  • Specifying the number of quick quiz, case studies and test questions
  • Custom enrolment and reminder emails

Training administration and support

ComplianceNet manages your online training administration process and provide phone and email user 'Help Desk' support.

Our services include enrolment and reminder emails to users, suppling user reports to training administrators at agreed intervals and scheduling and managing refresher training requirements ensuring that all employees keep up-to-date with their compliance training requirements.

At a glance

Content customisation: Client content can be included
Company policies: Company policies and 'I have read' acknowledgements may be incorporated
Assessment: Randomised assessment questions
Certificate: Selfserve Certificate of Completion

Designed for: Managers, employees and contractors
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Recommended frequency: Annually
Mobile ready: Yes, optimised for desktop and mobile devices

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